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June 22, 2013

ART: Experiences of forced mothers in northern Uganda: the legacy of war

Author: Grace Akello
Title: Experiences of forced mothers in northern Uganda
Subtitle: The legacy of war
Journal: Intervention. International Journal of Mental Health, Psychosocial Work and Counselling in Areas of Armed Conflict
Volume: Published Ahead-of-Print
Year: June 14, 2013
ISSN: 1571-8883 - eISSN: 1872-1001
Language: English
Full Text: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins [Restricted Access]

Abstract: »From 1986-2007, the Lord's Resistance Army inflicted severe suffering on civilians in northern Uganda through indiscriminate killing and child abductions. While both abducted boys and girls were trained to use arms, girls were commonly distributed among commanders as forced 'wives'. These traumatised girls and young women (both pregnant and 'forced mothers') were retained in rehabilitation centres longer than any other ex-combatants. While they may have been accorded special privileges in the centres, after reintegration, their home communities stigmatised and discriminated against both mothers and children. This paper discusses the experiences of forced mothers and their children, while at rehabilitation centres, and through the reintegration process. Additionally, it examines how communities should be stimulated to view forced mothers and their children as survivors of multiple human rights violations.« [Source: Intervention]