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June 2, 2012

THESIS: Taboo: Martial Rape in Israel and the Occupied Territories

Author: Meghan Warren
Title: Taboo
Subtitle: Martial Rape in Israel and the Occupied Territories
Thesis: M.A. Thesis, Georgetown University
Year: 2011
Pages: v + 61pp.
Language: English
Full Text: DigitalGeorgetown [Free access]

Abstract: »This project seeks to explore why rape as a tool of war has been inconsistently employed by Israeli forces (specifically, the Haganah/Irgun and the Israel Defense Forces) during the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Rape as a tool of war can be used as a means of ethnic cleansing, terrorizing, and weakening the will of the targeted population. It has seen widespread use in ethnic and territorial conflicts similar to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Why has Israel avoided this war tactic, despite allegedly using it in the run-up to the 1948 War of Independence? What events, developments, beliefs or other factors altered its calculus? This project aims to determine some of the factors that correlate with the incidence of martial rape and shed light on how its use can be deterred or prevented. Ultimately, it finds that a highly influential factor deterring martial rape is the professionalization of military forces.« [Source: DigitalGeorgetown]