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January 5, 2011

CFP: Britain’s soldiers, 1750-1815

Place: University of Leeds
Date: July 7-8, 2011
Submission deadline for abstracts: February 7, 2011

Description: "The conference seeks to bring together scholars researching all aspects of men from the United Kingdom who served in the military and British attitudes towards them, from the identities and experience of the men themselves to the relationship between soldiers, culture and society. We hope to re-integrate the history of soldiers and soldiering into this crucial period of Britain’s history.

Possible themes include:
* Social and cultural history of soldiers and units
* Military culture and the military in culture
* National and regional perspectives: England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales; coastal and inland; rural and urban; at ‘home’ and overseas
* Military masculinities; relationships, sexuality and family
* Comparisons between the different forms of service: regular army, militia, part-time soldiers; war time and peace time; ‘professionals’ and ‘amateurs’
* The personal experience of soldiers: motivation, identity, respectability and criminality
* Contemporary attitudes towards military service and soldiers
* Representations of soldiers
* The legal, social, and cultural framework of a soldier’s ‘lifecycle’: enlistment, training, service and duty, discharge, pensioners and former soldiers."

More information: Soldiers and Soldiering in Britain 1750-1815.