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November 8, 2010

ART: Akiyama, Yoko. "Aru hi, Nihon ga yatte kita: chugoku, senjo de no kyoryoku kanto iansho."

[= One day, Japanese troops came and...: wartime rape and "comfort stations" in China] In: Rekishigaku kenkyu No. 863 (February, 2010): 56-59.

Abstract: "This article reviews an exhibition presented by the Akutibu Mujiamu Onnatachi no Senso to Heiwa Shiryokan, better known by its English translation, the Women’s Active Museum on War and Peace (WAM), located in Tokyo, Japan. The exhibition, "One Day, Japanese Troops Came and...: Wartime Rape and 'Comfort Stations' in China," open from June 7, 2008, to June 21, 2009, featured two panel presentations, one on the so-called comfort stations throughout China and one on the brutal conditions in one area of Shanxi Province, China, in which Japanese troops carried out "total war" tactics; and two rooms in which the stories of victims were told and the organization of the stations was explained." [Source: Historical abstracts.]