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December 28, 2013

CFP: Crime and Deviance in 20th Century Britain

Conference: Crime and Deviance in 20th Century Britain: Perceptions of crime’s effect on society
Place: University of Lincoln, United Kingdom
Date: June 26-27, 2014
Submission deadline for abstracts: January 10, 2014
Description: »The 20th century witnessed new terrains on which crime and deviance were encountered and understood by state and citizen. Imperial expansion and decline, warfare, accelerated urbanization and suburbanization, gendered shifts in work practices, new cultural media such as film and television, and more psychologically-informed types of marketing and advertising, created new conditions for both the perpetration and evocation of crime. Popular and official attitudes towards those termed ‘deviant’ were in a constant state of flux as the state, media, and market competed to shape dominant moral values and behaviours. Perceptions of crime’s effect on society and the lives of individuals in this period were orientated as much around practices of consumption and imaginative fulfilment, as direct experiences with criminals, the police, and judiciary systems. Prevailing forms of domestic and imperial citizenship, cities and homes, and expectations of everyday life were shaped by fear of victimization, even as contemporaries also appeared increasingly attracted to narratives that extolled the ‘excitement’ of a criminal life or a deviant lifestyle.«

More information: University of Lincoln