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September 21, 2013

RADIO: Samantha Geimer

Title: Samantha Geimer
Program: HARDtalk
Channel: BBC World Service
Date: September 18, 2013
Duration: 23:21 min.
Language: English
Podcast: BBC

Description: »In the late 1970s the film director Roman Polanski admitted to having unlawful sexual intercourse with a thirteen year old girl. He spent 42 days in prison then fled the United States because he feared being given a longer sentence. Much has been said and written about what happened, but we’ve hardly heard anything from the girl herself. HARDtalk is in New York to speak to the woman at the centre of the decades-old scandal, Samantha Geimer. How has her life been affected by that event nearly 40 years ago?« [Source: HARDtalk]

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