The bibliography provides information on writings dealing with the history of rape, including sexual child abuse, sexual harassment, sexual molestation, child prostitution, forced prostitution, sexual slavery, sexual(ized) violence. The blog informs about calls for papers, forthcoming events and new literature in this field.

September 14, 2013

CFP: Scenes of Violence from WWII to the present

Conference: 45th Annual Convention of the Northeast Modern Language Association
Place: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States
Date: April 3-6, 2014
Submission deadline for abstracts: September 30, 2013
More information: Northeast Modern Language Association

Description: »This panel seeks papers on the ways that violence is represented in literature, theatre, or film from WWII to the present. How do contemporary artists stage or visualize violence, and does such staging encourage or discourage violence? How are bodies and subjects construed as vulnerable? What ethical problems are raised in staging violence? Do artists imagine possibilities for transformation and healing? I am especially interested in studies of gender-based violence.«