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June 15, 2013

ART: Viol d’hommes, masculinités et conflits armés

Author: Marc Le Pape
Title: Viol d’hommes, masculinités et conflits armés
Subtitle: -
Translation: Male Rape, Masculinities and Armed Conflicts
Journal: Cahiers d'études africaines
Volume: -
Issue: 209-210
Year: 2013
Pages: 201-215
ISSN: 0008-0055 - eISSN: 1777-5353
Language: French
Full Text: [Restricted Access]

Abstract: »For a long time the topic of sexual violence against men in wartime has been neglected. Inquiries have been conducted for the first time by human rights activists and some medical ngos during wars in ex-Yugoslavia and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Since as early as 2000, researchers began to investigate sexual assaults on men, and at the same time tried to explain why general comments by ngos and un agencies about sexual violence have explicitly excluded male victims. We examine these studies and the critical explanations they give for approaches exclusively oriented on the rape of women.« [Source: Cahiers d'études africaines]