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May 11, 2013

THESIS: The Japanese History Textbook Controversy Amid Post-war Sino-Japanese Relations

Author: Maria Gabriela Romeu
Title: The Japanese History Textbook Controversy Amid Post-war Sino-Japanese Relations
Subtitle: -
Thesis: Master Thesis, Florida International University
Year: 2013
Pages: vii + 89pp.
Language: English
Full Text: FIU Electronic Theses and Dissertations [Free Access]

Abstract: »The relations between China and Japan are strained and continue to foster negative emotions partly because of China’s grievances about Japan’s actions during World War II and the allegedly false historiographical accounts found in Japanese history textbooks. This study will utilize historical analysis of the events leading up to the Nanjing Massacre in December of 1937, examine the Japanese Ministry of Education’s (MEXT) critical and contentious role in the selection of textbooks, used for primary and secondary schools, and will also juxtapose the controversial 2001 Atarashii rekishi kyŨkasho with current Japanese history textbooks. The study will also include a syntactical analysis of key terms through my own original translations of multiple Japanese history textbooks, which are currently used in the Japanese school curriculum, to reveal that the textbook publishers, MEXT, and regulation councils are involved in adjusting the content causing the information to reveal various degrees of whitewashing.« [Source: FIU Electronic Theses and Dissertations]