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May 25, 2013

CFP: Framing Premodern Desires. Between Sexuality, Sin and Crime

Conference: Framing Premodern Desires. Between Sexuality, Sin and Crime. An international colloquium
Place: Turku, Finland
Date: April 4-5, 2014
Submission deadline for individual abstracts or suggestions for sessions: June 30, 2013

»Sexuality is inevitably closely linked with wellbeing, individual identity and the very beginning of life. In premodern cultures sexual desires were perceived, described and encountered in a variety of ways. The praise concerning procreation, as well as sexual acts within the frames of marital institutions and between the ones in love was very much present in the surviving sources. At the same time, sexual desires belonged to the most regulated areas of human behavior bridled by religious and legal authorities.
Recently, the scholarly field of the history of sexuality has laid a special emphasis on the multiple varieties in understanding past sexual desires in a particular time and place. We will focus on exploring the localities and temporalities of sexuality, the visibility and invisibility of sexual desires, as well as the intersections of sexuality and moral offences in late medieval and early modern societies (13th–18th centuries).«

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