The bibliography provides information on writings dealing with the history of rape, including sexual child abuse, sexual harassment, sexual molestation, child prostitution, forced prostitution, sexual slavery, sexual(ized) violence. The blog informs about calls for papers, forthcoming events and new literature in this field.

December 11, 2011

RADIO: Nach außen abgeschlossen, nach innen hierarchisch organisiert

Title: Nach außen abgeschlossen, nach innen hierarchisch organisiert. Zwei Bücher zu sexuellem Missbrauch durch Geistliche und Lehrer an Schulen
Program: Andruck - Magazin für politische Literatur
Channel: Deutschlandfunk
Date: November 28, 2011
Duration: 06:20 min.

Description: »Im vergangenen Jahr wurden mehrere Fälle von sexuellem Missbrauch von Internatsschülern bekannt. Ein Betroffener schildert unter dem Pseudonym Jürgen Dehmers seine Erfahrungen an der Odenwaldschule. Die beiden Journalisten Bastian Obermaier und Rainer Stadler dokumentieren Fälle am bayrischen Kloster und Internat Ettal.«

Manuskript: Deutschlandfunk
Podcast: Deutschlandfunk

ART: Rape Myths

Author: Katie M. Edwards, Jessica A. Turchik, Christina M. Dardis, Nicole Reynolds und Christine A. Gidycz
Title: Rape Myths
Subtitle: History, Individual and Institutional-Level Presence, and Implications for Change
Journal: Sex Roles. A Journal of Research
Volume: 65
Issue: 11-12
Year: December 2011
Pages: 761-773
ISSN: 0360-0025 - eISSN: 1573-2762
Language: English
Full Text: SpringerLink [Restricted.]

Abstract: »Rape myths, which are present at both the individual and institutional/societal levels, are one way in which sexual violence has been sustained and justified throughout history. In light of an increasing accumulation of rape myth research across a variety of disciplines, this paper proposes to use a feminist lens to provide an overview of the historical origins of rape myths, to document the current manifestations of these myths in American society, and to summarize the current body of research literature. We focus on the history of several specific rape myths (i.e., “husbands cannot rape their wives,” “women enjoy rape,” “women ask to be raped,” and “women lie about being raped”) and how these particular myths permeate current legal, religious, and media institutions (despite their falsehood). The paper concludes with suggestions for further research and describes how existing evidence could be used to aid in eradicating rape myths at both the individual and institutional levels.« [Source: Sex Roles.]

ART: Beyond Christianity

Author: Renae Franiuk und E. Ashley Shain
Title: Beyond Christianity
Subtitle: The Status of Women and Rape Myths
Journal: Sex Roles. A Journal of Research
Volume: 65
Issue: 11-12
Year: December 2011
Pages: 783-791
ISSN: 0360-0025 - eISSN: 1573-2762
Language: English
Full Text: SpringerLink [Restricted.]

Abstract: »The Edwards et al. (2011) paper is an important review of several rape myths that are prevalent in American culture. When discussing religion, Edwards et al. (2011) present a rather thorough review of the presence of such rape myths in Christianity but lack a discussion of rape myths in other religions. Given the profound influence of religion on culture, notably the treatment of women, it is important to go beyond Christianity in a discussion of rape myths. Although there is much attention given to the treatment of women in Islam, the current paper will address religions that often receive less attention as well. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to review the treatment of women and the use of rape myths in non-Western religions.« [Source: Sex Roles.]

ART: Is Reporting of Rape on the Rise?

Author: Kate B. Wolitzky-Taylor, Heidi S. Resnick, Jenna L. McCauley, Ananda B. Amstadter, Dean G. Kilpatrick, Kenneth J. Ruggiero
Title: Is Reporting of Rape on the Rise?
Subtitle: A Comparison of Women With Reported Versus Unreported Rape Experiences in the National Women’s Study-Replication
Journal: Journal of Interpersonal Violence
Volume: 26
Issue: 4
Year: March 2011
Pages: 807-832
ISSN: 0886-2605 - eISSN: 1552-6518
Language: English
Full Text: SAGE Journals Online [Restricted.]

Abstract: »Rape affects one in seven women nationwide. Historically, most rape victims do not report rape to law enforcement. Research is needed to identify barriers to reporting and correlates of reporting to guide policy recommendations that address such barriers. We investigated the prevalence of reporting rape among a national sample of women (N = 3,001) interviewed in 2006. The study also examined predictors of reporting as well as barriers to reporting, concerns about reporting, and women’s experiences with the reporting process. Results demonstrated that the overall prevalence of reporting (15.8%) has not significantly increased since the 1990s. Differences were found between rape types, with rapes involving drug or alcohol incapacitation or facilitation being less likely to be reported than forcible rapes. Several predictors of reporting emerged in multivariable analyses. Implications for public health and public policy are discussed.« [Source: Journal of Interpersonal Violence.]

CFP: The Journal of Law and Courts

Journal: The Journal of Law and Courts
Editor: David E. Klein
No submission deadline.

Description: »The new peer-reviewed Journal of Law and Courts invites submissions from all scholars interested in legal institutions, actors, processes, and policy. ...
We welcome papers about law and legal actors of all types, at all levels, and in all places, from trial courts in Asia to high courts in Latin America, from family law to constitutional law to international law, from litigants to lawyers to jurors to judges. Theoretical and empirical studies are equally welcome. Empirical studies may be descriptive or causal and may employ any rigorous method, qualitative or quantitative.«

More information: JSTOR.

CFP: Violence in Theory and Practice

Conference: The Seventh Annual University of Ottawa English Graduate Conference
Place: Ottawa, Canada
Date: March 16-18, 2012
Submission deadline for proposals: January 15, 2012

Description: »Violence is an ever-present phenomenon in literary texts. From Homer’s graphic descriptions of infantry combat in the Iliad, to Wilfred Owen’s haunting portrayal of the war-torn fields of Europe, to Edith Wharton’s subtle critique of Old New York as a place of ruthless social warfare, representations of violence powerfully call our attention to questions of authority, agency and power.
We seek papers answering these and other questions, and welcome submissions from students in all disciplines. Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

- War and Violent Conflict
- Crime, Transgression and Punishment
- Pain, Trauma and Memory
- Violence and Environment/Nature
- Pugilism and Violent Sport
- Self-Harm and Suicide
- Violence and Nation
- Violence and Technology
- Elegy, Requiem and Commemoration
- Revolution, Uprising and Rebellion
- Violence and the Sacred/Religious
- Revenge, Anger, and Vengeance
- Genocide and Racial Violence
- Violence, Sex and/or Gender
- Political and Cultural Oppression«.

More information: CFP website.

CFP: 2012 Meeting of the American Society for Legal History

Conference: 2012 Meeting of the American Society for Legal History
Place: St. Louis, Missouri
Date: November 8-11, 2012
Submission deadline for proposals: February 29, 2012

Description: »The ASLH invites proposals on any facet or period of legal history, anywhere in the world.«

More information: American Society for Legal History.