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December 11, 2011

ART: Rape Myths

Author: Katie M. Edwards, Jessica A. Turchik, Christina M. Dardis, Nicole Reynolds und Christine A. Gidycz
Title: Rape Myths
Subtitle: History, Individual and Institutional-Level Presence, and Implications for Change
Journal: Sex Roles. A Journal of Research
Volume: 65
Issue: 11-12
Year: December 2011
Pages: 761-773
ISSN: 0360-0025 - eISSN: 1573-2762
Language: English
Full Text: SpringerLink [Restricted.]

Abstract: »Rape myths, which are present at both the individual and institutional/societal levels, are one way in which sexual violence has been sustained and justified throughout history. In light of an increasing accumulation of rape myth research across a variety of disciplines, this paper proposes to use a feminist lens to provide an overview of the historical origins of rape myths, to document the current manifestations of these myths in American society, and to summarize the current body of research literature. We focus on the history of several specific rape myths (i.e., “husbands cannot rape their wives,” “women enjoy rape,” “women ask to be raped,” and “women lie about being raped”) and how these particular myths permeate current legal, religious, and media institutions (despite their falsehood). The paper concludes with suggestions for further research and describes how existing evidence could be used to aid in eradicating rape myths at both the individual and institutional levels.« [Source: Sex Roles.]