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August 2, 2011

ART: Reengineering Gender Relations in Modern Militaries

Authors: Rebecca J. Hannagan, and Holly Arrow
Title: Reengineering Gender Relations in Modern Militaries
Subtitle: An Evolutionary Perspective
Journal: Journal of Trauma & Dissociation
Volume: 12
Issue: 3
Year: 2011
Pages: 305-323
ISSN: 1529-9732
Language: English
Full Text: Taylor & Francis Online [Restricted.]

Abstract: »This article presents an evolutionary framework for understanding the sexual assault of women in the military. We specify the evolutionary underpinnings of tensions among heterosexual males, among heterosexual females, and between males and females and discuss how these tensions have played out in the strongly gendered context of warrior culture. In the absence of cultural interventions that take into account deep-seated conceptions of women in the military as unwelcome intruders, sexual resources for military men, or both, military women operate in an environment in which sexual assault may be deployed to enact and defend traditional military structures. We discuss how unit norms are likely to affect the choice of strategies by men and by women and how the resulting behaviorsincluding celibacy, consensual sex, and sexual assaultshould affect horizontal and vertical unit cohesion. The framework is intended to guide future data collection in theoretically coherent ways and to inform the framing and enforcement of policies regarding both consensual and non-consensual sex among military personnel.« [Source: Journal of Trauma & Dissociation.]