The bibliography provides information on writings dealing with the history of rape, including sexual child abuse, sexual harassment, sexual molestation, child prostitution, forced prostitution, sexual slavery, sexual(ized) violence. The blog informs about calls for papers, forthcoming events and new literature in this field.

October 7, 2010

BOOK: War and Rape: Law, memory and justice

Author: Nicola Henry
Title: War and Rape
Subtitle: Law, memory and justice
Place: New York, NY
Publisher: Routledge
Year: 2011
Pages: 169pp.
Language: English
More information: History of Rape: A Bibliography

(Update: October 18, 2014)

BOOK: Dominique Russell, ed. Rape in Art Cinema.

New York: Continuum, 2010. 256pp.

BOOK: Susanne Scholz. Sacred Witness: Rape in the Hebrew Bible.

Minneapolis, MN: Fortress Press, 2010. 288pp.

WEBSITE: Die Dritte Welt im Zweiten Weltkrieg (The Third World in World War II)

Description: "Millionen Soldaten aus Afrika, Asien und Ozeanien haben im Zweiten Weltkrieg gekämpft, um die Welt vom deutschen und italienischen Faschismus sowie vom japanischen Großmachtwahn zu befreien. Sowohl die faschistischen Achsenmächte als auch die Alliierten rekrutierten in ihren Kolonien Hilfstruppen und Hilfsarbeiter oftmals mit Gewalt. Hunderttausende Frauen waren Opfer sexueller Gewalt. Rekruten aus den Kolonien mussten sich mit weniger Sold, schlechteren Unterkünften und geringeren Kriegsrenten als ihre «weißen Kameraden» zufrieden geben. Weite Teile der Dritten Welt dienten auch als Schlachtfelder und blieben nach Kriegsende verwüstet und vermint zurück."

Link: Die Dritte Welt im Zweiten Weltkrieg.

CFP: Aphra Behn Online: Interactive Journal for Women in the Arts 1640-1830

"The Aphra Behn Online: Interactive Journal for Women in the Arts 1640-1830 is an online, annual publication which serves as a forum for interactive scholarly discussion on all aspects of women in the arts between 1660-1830, including literature, visual arts, music, performance art, film criticism, and production arts. ... The editors invite submissions for the inaugural edition of this online annual to go live in January 2011."
Submission deadline: October 30, 2010.

More information: Call for Papers website.

CFP: Gender and Sexuality: American texts, contexts, controversies

"The Americanist, a peer reviewed journal published by the American Studies Center of the University of Warsaw, invites submissions for volume 26 to be published in 2011 for an issue exploring gender and sexuality.
The study of gender and sexuality . evolving models of individual and group identity, clashes of values, changing cultural canons, histories of struggle and struggles over history . have for several decades now been integral to the field of American Studies. Is there something specifically American about the way these issues are handled in the U.S.? How has national identity . its affirmation, critique or rejection . interacted with discourses on gender and sexuality? For its gender and sexuality issue The Americanist seeks contributions that concern both individual case studies (analyses of events, debates, texts, films, etc.) and broader theoretical considerations (for example: dealing with the history of feminism and queer studies as fields). As always, submissions from a variety of disciplines are welcome: history, sociology, literature, film studies, media studies, etc. We especially welcome work that is either comparativist (i.e. sets an American phenomenon against its equivalent in another location) or intersectionalist (i.e. examines gender/sexuality in dynamic conjunction with other axes of identity i.e. class, race, ethnicity)."
Submission deadline: November 15, 2010.

More information: H-Net Announcements.

CFP: Roth and Women - Special Issue of Philip Roth Studies

"In Philip Roth’s 1990 novel Deception, the author (or someone like him) is hauled into the dock, put on trial for "sexism, misogyny, woman abuse, slander of women, denigration of women, defamation of women, and ruthless seduction, crimes all carrying the most severe penalties."

Possible areas for investigation could include, but are not limited to:
• Roth's representation of female fictional characters;
• feminist criticism of Roth's fiction;
• female 'types' in Roth’s oeuvre;
• sexual politics in Roth's fiction;
• gender theory in relation to Roth's fiction;
• Roth's alleged misogyny;
• the representation of actual women in Roth's life (e.g. Bess Roth, Margaret Martinson, Janet Hobhouse, Claire Bloom) in his writing".
Submission deadline: January 31, 2011.

More information: Call for Papers website.

CFP: Nineteenth-Century Gender Studies Journal

"Nineteenth-Century Gender Studies is a peer-reviewed, online journal committed to publishing insightful and innovative scholarship on gender studies and nineteenth-century British literature, art and culture. We endorse a broad definition of gender studies and welcome submissions that consider gender and sexuality in conjunction with race, class, place and nationality."

More information: Call for Papers website.

CFP: Juvenile Delinquency in the 19th and 20th Centuries: East-West Comparisons

Centre for British Studies, Humboldt University, Berlin, March 12-13, 2011.

"The conference organisers are Heather Ellis and Lily Chang. We hope to bring together scholars working in a variety of fields, including history, sociology and literary studies to explore the ways in which concepts of childhood, youth and delinquency have been shaped by particular cultural contexts. How have attempts to define and problematize child and youth behaviours differed between Eastern and Western cultures? Have children and childhood been imagined differently in East and West?
Paper topics include:
* Definitions of juvenile delinquency
* Cross-cultural constructions of children, childhood and youth
* Delinquency as a Western/Eastern construct
* Generational relations
* Educational systems
* Governmental and legal responses
* Young people and revolution
* Young people and war
* Gender and delinquency
* Class and delinquency
* Race and delinquency
* Sexuality and delinquency
* Portrayals of delinquency in art or in the media".
Submission deadline for abstracts: October 15, 2010.

More information: H-Net Announcements.

CFP: Lynching, Animality, and Animals

ASLE Conference, Bloomington, IN, June 21-26, 2011.

"Seeking abstracts for a panel at ASLE that take a challenging and innovative approach to the impact of nonhuman animals, both material and rhetorical, on Southern lynchings:
Over the last two decades lynching studies has become firmly established in the academy. As critical animal studies now makes its way into African American studies how could and should it change the way we approach lynching?
Questions to consider might include:
*What roles do both wild and domesticated animals play in the construction of the "black beast" and white masculinity?
*What are the connections between the anti-lynching and animal welfare movements in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries?
*If lynchings are often constructed as "hunts," what might be the links between the decrease in "trophy" animal populations and the increase in spectacle lynchings at the end of the nineteenth century?
*Can an approach to lynching via animal studies shed new light on how lynching’s violence came to be seen not only as acceptable but as a form of entertainment? Can it offer a new way to critique racist violence?
*How is an uncritical rhetoric of animality—and speciesism itself--in play in current scholarly work/exhibits (such as Without Sanctuary) on lynching? And why?"
Submission deadline for abstracts: October 30, 2010.

More information: Call for Papers website.

CFP: 2nd Global Virtual Conference on War

"Since the dawn of man, conflicts have arisen that have sparked civil unrest, fighting and killing. Wars have been started over religious conflicts, fuel, and even sporting events. It is the aim of this topic and conference to research and discuss the many aspects of war and peace. Some of the areas that we will be looking at are:
* causes of war
* types of warfare
*war crimes
*media's input and output – effects of and on journalism
*musical, theatrical, and artistic influences of war
*virtual war
*resolving conflicts
*war machines
*the business of war".
Submission deadline for abstracts: November 15, 2010, for papers: January 31, 2011.

More information: Call for Papers website.

CFP: Bodies, Pleasures, Spaces

2nd Annual Mid-America Humanities Conference, March 11-12, 2011.

"For the second annual Mid-America Humanities Conference we invite proposals from undergraduate and graduate students engaged in the humanities, social science, and arts disciplines for papers addressing issues relating to the body and the senses in a range of historical and contemporary contexts as well as in literature and theory. Relevant topics for consideration include, but are not limited to:
• The senses in culture, theory, and society
• Body image, self-identity, and the life course
• Bodies in natural or built environments
• Bodies and difference (race, gender, class, age)
• Fat, diet, and self-fashioning
• Intercorporeality and social spaces
• Pain, torture, and trauma
• Exercise, athletics, and bodily performance
• Technology, surgery, and human-machine interfaces".
Submission deadline for proposals: November 15, 2010.

More information: H-Net Announcements.

CFP: Compromising Positions: Race, Gender, and Sexuality in the State of Missouri

A conference sponsored by the Gender Studies Program at The University of Missouri--St. Louis, April 7-8, 2011.

"We invite papers, presentations, and panels that confront and interrogate the gendered, raced, and/or sexualized positions of individuals and groups in political, legal, historical, social, educational, and creative arenas in the state of Missouri from the pre-colonial period through the 1820 Missouri Compromise to the present day."
Submission deadline for proposals: December 6, 2010.

More information: Call for Papers website.

CFP: Sexualities and Science in Eastern Europe

Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand, March 26-27, 2011.

"This conference examines the development of sexology and sexual psychology from the nineteenth century to the present. How did authors use (psuedo-) scientific ideas to understand human sexuality, or the role of sexuality in society? How did (psuedo-) scientific ideas in turn affect sexual behavior and experiences? This conference poses these questions with a special emphasis on Eastern Europe (including Russia), the region which produced such "seminal" figures as Sigmund Freud, Károly Mária Kertbeny, Aleksandra Kollontai, Richard von Krafft-Ebing, and Leopold Sacher-Masoch.
Topics of possible interest include, but are not limited to, sexologists, sex advice manuals, sexual psychology, sexual violence experts, eugenics and racial purity, the social science of prostitution, and experts in trafficking and sex work. We are open to scholars working in literature, sociology, history, anthropology, psychology, and cultural studies."
Submission deadline for proposals: February 2, 2011.

More information: H-Net Announcements.

CFP: Making it happen: police and community

Seventh Australasian Women and Policing Conference, Hobart, August, 21‐24 2011.

"The streams for the 2011 conference are:
- connecting the community – the policing perspective on women and community engagement
- policing and young women
- community leadership: women driving change
- women and the cyber community
- pacific communities ‐ women and policing in the pacific
- policing gender based violence and hate crimes
Submissions are welcome for concurrent sessions (20‐25 minutes), panels (90 minutes), and poster papers."
Submission deadline for proposals: February 28, 2011.

More information: H-Net Announcements.